Speedo Angels Screen Protector

Sometimes it’s simple things that are the most effective.

Hand on heart, I’ve never been one for screen protectors. I’ve never put one on any of my bikes, phones or cameras. Why? Well the way i see it manufacturers spend a significant amount of time and money on R&D, to give us the users, the best screens possible. So why stick something over it?

There’s no doubt that Ducati make some pretty sexy TFT colour dashes. They are bright, easy to read and give their bikes a somewhat premium feel. They do have three downsides though; they scratch remarkably easy, they cost a shit load of cash to replace and are prone to glare and reflections on the rare occasion we get extremely bright, sunny days in the UK.

I noticed when riding demo Ducatis and looking at some older Panigales and Multistradas, that their dashes had scrapes, swirls and other marks on them. Still it wasn’t something I really thought about buying. Then as if by magic Matt who runs Speedo Angels announced on the UK Ducati Forum the birth of his new company. He had noticed the same and unlike most, decided to do something about it. He has researched and developed high quality screen protectors from scratch. His initial offering was for the 899/959/1199/1299 Panigale range and has now expanded to the 848/1098/1198 range. Speedo Angels offer an ultra clear version and an anti-glare matte version. The best part? A twin pack will set you back a fiver. That’s five quid to protect a dash that costs hundreds!

The matte screen protector is easy to install. Five minutes max. It also does exactly what it’s supposed to. Reduces the amount of reflections and glare you get on the dash. Check the install video below with a before and after comparison at the end. You can procure one of these little wonders from http://www.speedo-angels.com.

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