1299 Akros – The Sound of Thunder

“Christ! It sounds like Thor’s hammer smashing an anvil”

And thus my neighbours introduction to the 1299 Panigale and Akrapovic cans was complete. It used to be that Ducatis and Termignonis went hand in hand. But as of 2016 Akrapovic have become the official aftermarket exhaust supplier for the 1299 and 959 Panigale.

These titanium beauties will set you back £2600 if you don’t happen to be buying during the now seemingly annual exhaust giveaway, every November and December. Everything about the Akrapovic offering is stunning. From the sound to the performance, they elevate the bike to another level.

I’ll talk about the performance effects in an upcoming video. So, until then enjoy these lovingly crafted audio files. I’m happy to offer them for download as ringtones, doorbells, or just for your headphones if you want to ride along on a scooter pretending you’re on a 1299.

Turn it up LOUD!

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