Ducati 1299 Panigale: The First 1000 Miles

On a snowy, freezing Winter evening I retreated to the garage to talk through the first 1000 miles on my 2016 Ducati Panigale. The good, the bad and the incredible.

5 thoughts on “Ducati 1299 Panigale: The First 1000 Miles

    • Hi Joey
      They were done and fitted by a company called Empire Graphics in Manchester. If you are near and interested I can email you their number.
      Cheers and thanks for watching.


  1. Hi, I also had an 899 ( which I thought was an amazing bike, just lacking the midrange grunt of previous ducat is) and a couple of months ago tested a 959 and a 1299, whilst I thought the 959 was a definite improvement on the 899 the 1299 got me and I ended up buying one.
    You mention riding in winter, how do you get on with the super corsas in the wet? And what sort of mileage can I expect from the tyres.
    Simon W


    • Hi Simon. The supercorsas are fine in the wet. They are the v2 and they aren’t quite as sketchy as the originals were in cold and wet. I found them fine and the traction control keeps the rear in check. In the wet and cold in December and January I tended to have it in Wet mode with engine mode raised to medium rather than low.
      I got about 2750 miles out of my front.The front wears a lot quicker than the rear. If you do 2/3 track days you’ll be lucky to get 2250 miles out of them. The bike is surprisingly kind to the rear.


      • Thanks for that, I’m up to 1350 miles now and have a trip to France in a couple of weeks, an annual event with my brother and one other, to the Auvergne, great roads, fantastic Tarmac, few other road users, no high hedge rows and good food! Anyway we tend to do @ 1500 miles so was thinking the tyres may not last although in my experience with the 899, I reckon I could of got @ 5000 out of the rear. I agree about the front wearing quicker than the rear looking at the depth of the grooves currently.
        My only concern is that they may be passed there best mid trip.
        I’m loving the bike, I like you prefer the throttle response of race mode and have also set that in sport mode.
        The one thing I don’t like though is the way the suspension works in race mode in the dynamic setting.
        I’ve since switched to the fixed setting with the help of JHS racing in Bristol who informed me the springs front and rear are too powerful for a rider of my weight (75kgs) in kit. Hmmmm
        Feels better, no bobbing but not tested properly yet.


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